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Xmoor Studios  is producing classic comics like GATLOW, Tool-Boi and Ajala. Xmoor also has multimedia projects like Inheritors that feature a comic and live action short films which are produced in conjunction with the comic. In 2014, Xmoor Studios signed an exclusive agreement with the International MMA Franchise GLOBAL PROVING GROUND and their WARRIOR ISLAND Reality Show I.P. An upcoming new MMA reality series produced by James B Jefferson and directed by Hollywood veteran Ben Perry looking to make waves by putting 16 elite fighters on an island in the Pacific Ocean. With Masters such as UFC Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn, Master Relson Gracie, Grandmaster Ron Van Clief “The Black Dragon”, Grand Master Chow, Sifu Cliff, Master Renzo Gracie and Dr. Jim Stoppani Silvio Simac have agreed to be the “Masters” of Warrior Island (with others still to come). Xmoor Studios will Produce a Series of Books Based on their Fighters in an action packed collection of books.

ajala1 Jiya_Poster_teaser_by_xmoor inherit
 Ajala  GATLOW  Inheritors


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Ajala: A Series of Adventures

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