Welcome to Black Comix Guide & Listings

There is an amazing range of original and fresh projects out there being produced by black creators and black characters most people know nothing about,  this site means to make it a much simpler task in finding and promoting them.

From fully realize comic projects available for sale  to experimental comics being being created on tablets. All works being produced by people of color or anyone who supports these ideas and wants to help expand them  are welcomed.  This site is to help others find these works and to promote the creators producing them. So all are invited to either provide information or will be provided access to create pages to promote there projects and products.

But my major reason for creating this site is to make it easier for me to keep track of all these fantastic projects and hopefully get to pick some of them up.  Self serving I know, but this is something that is sorely needed.  Come on people let’s start cataloging some comics. Time to get to work.


-Rodney Jean-Etienne (IsoRod)

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