Rodney Jean-Etienne

Rodney is a programmer, web developer.  He is the webmaster and main editor of site, which is designed to provide techniques and resources to help future creators develop art and writing skills to present their stories as novels, comics or animation. The other site that he manages is Black Comix Guide and Listings, which was creates as a place to showcase creators and characters of color and where to find these works.

Rodney also is working on a comic project called Bluejay and The RUSH, which started as characters to be used for tutorials, but after his wife suggested he copyright them the series was born. He is also working on web comics based on Vincent White‘s Powerverse character Dr.Nod, hosted on Also other web comics featuring the Bluejay and The RUSH characters in a more kid friendly format called RUSH Minis.

Rodney considers The Bluejay and The RUSH series as a gateway book to introduce over 40 other comic book stories that were developed with his older brother and a close family friend.  He plans on creating a web comic RUSH Parallels to be a companion to the Bluejay and The RUSH book to allow readers to stay engaged with the RUSH universe as next book is being created.

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