Review: The Brotherhood of the Fringe

The Brotherhood of the Fringe is by N Steven Harris is a comic industry veteran with over twenty years working the comic book industry. The book was originally called “The Fringe” and was renamed to The Brotherhood of the Fringe as N Steven started work on the third issue. I will be reviewing the first two issues of the series. In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a PDF copy of the trade paperback which features both issues. I later brought the issues because I enjoyed the story and to support Mr. Harris.

fringe1BIssue #1 fringe2BIssue #2


The story looks at a world where a woman, Jasira, of an oppressed people, is allowed to live among the privileged. She has chosen to work with the resistance movement, “The Brotherhood of the Fringe” to try to help free her people, but this may have been the costliest mistake The Brotherhood and she has ever made.
Issue one focuses on Jasira waking up in the middle of the process of being “converted”. She is suffering from memory lost, the shock of finding that she has energy cannons mounted in her arms and is much stronger. As Jasira tries to escape she has to fight her way past soldiers and another pair of converted agents.



Issue two takes place 6 months prior to the events ….

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