Micheline Hess

Micheline Hess is an aspiring professional Illustrator and comic artist, She loves creating and illustrating stories and  especially loves doing it on her iPad.  Micheline’s most current project is a series of comic strips based on a daydreaming office worker she did entirely on my iPad starring the characters that she created called PunchClock Princess.

News for the month of February — Micheline will have a selection of  her art on display at the RIVAA Gallery on Roosevelt Island for March and in April, will be at MOCCA Fest 2014 at a table selling prints of her art work as well as debuting part 1 of a comic called Malice in Ovenland.

She is very close to also publishing her  first interactive iBook called The Island Cats of Cunga Ree. She has been creating all illustrations and interactivity on the iPad! Click on the link to visit my blog where Micheline discuss how she doing it.

Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond has been extended past April due to the show receiving such overwhelmingly favorable reviews. You can now catch is at the Geppi Entertainment Museum through December 31st.

Micheline also has collection of comic issues she colored for Milestone, Static volume 1 issue 29 , 30 and Xombi issue 15.

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