Lockett Down Productions

Lockett Down Publications is a multi-media company specializing in Comic Books and promotional apparel. It was established in December 2007 by owner and founder Regine L. Sawyer, and was first publicly debuted at the New York Comic Con, April 2008.

LDP publications has several properties in production: “The Rippers”, its signature series, “Ice Witch”, “Death Mask” and “Chimera”. Each series is interlocking, focusing on the mysterious reaches of outer space and the relationships of the characters that reside in it.

Eating Vampires is a new Novel series outside of The Rippers universe. It’s scheduled to be released in late 2013.

Rippers_cover IWlores Eating_Vamp
The Rippers Ice Witch – Coming Soon! Eating Vampires – Coming Soon!


Lockdown Productions





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