Conceived and drawn by Kevin Darmine
Designed and edited byDarrell Goza

THE STORY: Noir crime novel. The story of an officer of justice who finds that the justice he serves is at the mercy of the law. Follow him as he tries to better the system by outfitting himself in the garb of a self-styled vigilante whose sole purpose is to gather information where cops fear to tread and attorneys are hampered by the very laws they serve, Kulprit has circumvented those laws, but finds that the journey leaves him cold. The criminals he faces don’t give a damn about the law or the justice it’s supposed to represent and honest people, often those the most innocent, fall through the cracks. Join him on his journey as he begins to understand just what will be required of him as a vigilante and would he be able to cross the line and take the law into his own hands. When gathering information wasn’t enough, Kulprit had to make the hard decision of getting his hands dirty to stop those who are so morally reprehensible that the law has no answer for the crimes they commit and no form of punishment could ever fit their crimes. If he becomes as ruthless as them, would there be any salvation for him and would he want it? These are the questions… be afraid of the answers.

THE HOOK: When a vigilante is forced to step across the line to stop those who are unredeemable, will he become unredeemable himself?

If by the gun of one man many villians will die, then we must question:

Who is this man? Is he a hero…
…or should HE be stopped!

The Buzz: The first full fledged, no nonsense look at vigilantism in comics. It offers up not only the justice side of the coin but also the consequences…


Kulprit Chapter 1
Prv1 Prv2 Prv3
Kulprit – Preview Page 1 Kulprit – Preview Page 2 Kulprit – Preview Page 3

 FORMATS: Print, Digital

PRICE RANGE: $6.87 – $14.95, Scribd subscription start at $3.99/month


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