Dan Mcneal

Dan McNeal grew up in Upstate New York with his parents and younger brother. Despite a healthy love of sports, Dan soon discovered that his true talent was with the arts. He naturally gravitated towards writing due to his fascination of being able to create whole worlds with the stroke of a pen.  Dan’s first introduction to comics was through a random purchase made by his mother Vera. “I can’t recall what happened that day, but I was feeling pretty low. As a pick me up, my Mom came home with a bunch of comic books.  Among them was this huge anthology of Marvel Comics origin stories aptly titled “Sons of Origin” which included the backstories of Daredevil, Spider-Man, The X-Men, Thor and Captain America. After that, I was hooked.”

Dan’s first published work came out of Desiblack Comics, with his first co-created book entitled “Daft.” The book yielded very little success, but through it’s promotion, he met Charlie Fab at a comic convention. The two discussed possibly collaborating in the future and they slowly began to work on a few scripts and ideas. Dan later formalized his partnership with Charlie Fab in 2010 , to become one half of Kid Monster Creations.

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