Category: Paranormal


Freeing Violet

  Freeing Voilet  written and illustrated by Jerome Walford THEY STORY: Love Can Be Scary. Meet Violet a teenage genie that gets into all kinds of mischief and doesn’t mind the occasional laugh at others expense,...


Shadow Law

ShadowLaw  created and written by Brandon Easton,  art by Scott Kester and Ryo Kawakami , colors by Dawnson Chen THEY STORY: Rictor Caesaro, a soldier in the New Earth Alliance elite corps, kills his commanding officer during a botched riot control...


Dread Society X

Dread Society X written by Phyllip Merishier, art by  Chuck Collins THE STORY: The world is gone. Civilization is a memory. The bible promised fire the next time. It delivered. And then some. Humanity is hanging on by...