Brandon Easton

Bradon Eastion  is a professional writer, screenwriter, and educator  based out of Los Angeles. His published work includes Arkanium and Transformers: Armada for Dreamwave Productions, Shadowlaw for Arcana/Platinum Studios, which won him a 2013 GLYPH AWARD for BEST WRITER and a column for  Bradon has screenwriting credits  for Warner Bros. new ThunderCats TV series and Hasbro’s  show Transformers: Rescue Bots. He currently the writer of Lion Forge titles “Roboy” and “The Jousha Run” . Brandon has been named the new writer for Armarauders and  penned issue six of  New Paradigm Studios’ Waston and Holmes as a guest writer.  After reading Brandon’s article, Understanding Ethnocrunching – How Racism Works In The Comic Industry and the fantastic range of talent being displayed at the BLACK COMIX CREATORS MONTH event was also a big part of the for the creation of this site.

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