About Black Comix Guide & Lisiting

This page was inspired by a Facebook event BLACK COMIX CREATORS MONTH  created  By Chuck DragonBlack Collins and Robert Garrett.  Just in one day, I came a across some of the most amazing projects being created by black talent.  Ranging  from street level heroes to cosmic titans and everything in between. The artwork is mind-blowing and the story of the few titles I have been able to read  from the comics available  have been solid, worthy of anything you can find from the big two, DC & Marvel.

After reading the article, Understanding Ethnocrunching – How Racism Works In The Comic Industry ,  in which it states  ” that there are less than 3.0% of Blacks credited on all Marvel and DC titles as of June 2012 .” I wanted more than ever to see what black creators were producing and BLACK COMIX CREATORS MONTH event come through in spades.  I got to thinking  there  should  be something like this all year round not just on the shortest month of the year.

This site will be  a comic guide which will provide a story synapses, prices, where to go to get these works,  social media info and links to the comic\imprint webpage.  There is a section that is  devoted to works in progress  and resource for other independent black creators to reach out,  support and promote each other.   Works will be sort by genre and the format they are being released in.  Black Comix Guide & Lisiting will be also  providing spotlight, interviews and reviews on creators and their projects.

There is an amazing range of original and fresh projects out there being produced by black creators,  this site means to make it a much simpler task in finding and promoting them.